The Holiday Season is officially in full gear, and with it will come gifts, holiday cards, parties and good deeds. All of it is great, I’d like the spirit of the holidays to stick around all year, really!

That being said, I invite you to consider the true intention behind all the seemingly positive action we’re taking this month. I invite you to look at the authentic self as well as the ego inside of you, the fears and the confidence, the love and the loathing. Heads up! This is a tough one.

Are we sending holiday cards to reaffirm our feelings towards our friends and colleagues or because it is expected of us? Do we want to spread joy and support or do we want to match the crowd?

Are we planning on gifts because we care about somebody, and we want to be a source of joy, or do we need to be noticed and feel valued?

Are we throwing a party to share stimulating conversations with friends or because we’re lonely and afraid we won’t be invited to one?

This month can be very hard for some for so many reasons. Acting the holidays instead of embracing the true spirit of it may do more harm than good. Every time we act out of fear we feed the ego, which will generate even more fear and lack and scarcity. This is particularly powerful this time of year.

I invite you to step away from cultural influences and pressure, and evaluate what you really want this month. What will really feed your soul? What will really comfort you. what will be a source of purpose and peace? For some people champagne and diamonds will be it, for others, it may be reconnecting with a long lost friend. There is no right or wrong answer, there is only the answer the brings you true joy. I’m a huge diamond fan, I love those sparkly little suckers. What I really want for Christmas this year though is loving conversations. What do you truly want?

Reach for the greatest version of yourself!


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