Invest in Yourself

I believe that the results we get in life depend on who we are. Not where we were born, not how much money we have, not our IQ. The results will vary depending on our skills and our attitude. Some things can’t be changed. We’re given a certain hand of cards at the beginning of our lives, how we play that hand will determine the outcome.

How we get the best outcome possible is about developing the skills we need to get there.

For example, one day, we learnt to read. If we were to keep reading at the same level than our first year in school, we would only have access to that grade’s library. We wouldn’t be able to process other materials because we didn’t learn the skills. That’s very limiting!

If we want to have access to more, we must become more, we must learn more. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I just wish for everyone to be aware that we set the barre, and the limit, on our success. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is not productive. So how can we do things differently, what do we need to learn, to get the results we’re looking for?

It’s an investment. It takes a long time, it’s hard, tedious and we want to give up, often. However, if we know that this is the way to get everything our heart wishes, if we stay focused on our intentions, we will succeed!

We sometimes think that success is conditional upon intelligence, money and birth privileges. Those things can help, for sure, they are not the decisive factors though, our skills are. Our attitude and our focus  determine the outcome. I’m specifically referring to soft skills: communication, empathy, emotional intelligence.

We could come up with the best product to sell, if we’re not able to connect with our clients, they will not trust us, and they will buy something else, from someone else. People don’t buy products, they buy an experience, and the experience is conditional upon the players.

It’s an investment because the process is slow, it’s a gamble at times, but it usually pays off. I’m personally more likely to invest in myself with confidence than the stock market. I know my ROI. I am so solid in my investment that I can now share valuable information and give support to others. The best thing I ever invested in is myself. I invite you to look into investing in yourself 🙂

Reach for the greatest version of yourself.




Ask and it shall…

My number one goal is for everybody to KNOW they can have anything they want. It’s a matter of belief, mindset, practice and repeat. It’s a little bit like switching a light on. We don’t know what light looks like until the darkness is gone. In the same token, we don’t know what possibility looks like if we only know limitation.

Have you ever ordered food at a restaurant? Of course you have. You pick a restaurant with a theme that resonates with your tastes, you peruse the menu, ask the server to bring you what you want and it magically appears in front of you. You need to ask first to get something. The way you ask will define the experience. If someone is rude to a server, that person may receive a different type of experience, or food, than requested.

Transfer that analogy to your current situation.

What resonates with you right now? Do you want more friends, a new hobby, a life partner, a new career?

What would be a good fit for you right now? Let’s take the example of a hobby. Do you want to do something indoor or outdoor? Will it be physical or leisurely, cerebral or creative? How many hours a week do you wish to dedicate to it. How much money are you willing to invest?

Do you see where I’m going with this? Start with the big idea and narrow it down from there. Once you know what you’re looking for, it will appear. It’s been proven to work regardless of your belief system. Einstein affirmed that frequencies match each other, period. Spiritual leaders will tell you that the Universe will give you what you ask, period.

Asking may be the universal subject we can all agree on. Our brain is wired to detect what we’re looking for.

In a store, it can be a hard to find item a shopper discovers in a pile, or it can be a shoplifter if you’re on the Loss Prevention team. Same environment, but different individuals looking for different things.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll find a lot of what you don’t want, which is a very unsatisfactory situation to be in. Believe you can have anything you want and you can start asking. Ask today, ask now! What do you want?

Still not convinced? Keep it a secret. Don’t tell anyone. Just do it to see if it works, then brag about it!

One of my favorite movie moment is in “Miracle on 34th street” when little Susan, played by Natalie Wood, is in the car on the way home repeating “I believe, I believe, I believe”. Her wish came true, and then some.

I wish you to believe too. Just ask.

Reach for the greatest version of yourself!



Did I order fries with my BMW?

At the risk of disappointing from the start, this post will not be about ordering fast food at a luxury drive through or winning a German car at a burger joint. It’s about self applied limiting belief, and my new car has a play in it.

I was in a car accident at the beginning of July this year. Like everything I do, the timing was perfect! I had just picked up my Gaby (I give names to my cars) from my longtime mechanic that morning. I was on my way to the dance studio where I teach with my partner, when the pizza guy happened to ram into my front wheel as I was turning into the shopping center. What’s perfect about that scenario? I was going 2 miles an hour, so I didn’t get hurt, and my partner arrived on the scene a few minutes later, so I was taken care off and had a ride back home.

My Gaby, a 2001 325I black BMW was totaled.

I needed a new car, stat! And I was on a budget. And I only drive BMW! I drive that brand due to the fact that I have certain standards, I like to feel safe in a car and I have the best mechanics in town. There are some things I encourage you to not trade down, what ever it is, for me, it’s my cars.

I started shopping around and quickly found very few vehicles that fit my present desire: 2005-2007, 3 series, silver, 2 doors, manual, decent mileage, $8000. Are you chuckling, laughing or rolling your eyes yet? Understandably so. Impossible to find right? Guess what? I found her! My 325CI, Sterling (named after the adjective) with grey leather interior, under 80000 miles and $600 under budget. She’s a beauty!

So what’s with the fries? I look at life like a restaurant, it’s the french in me. I get to the place hungry enough to be inspired, I look at the entire menu, I ask questions and order exactly what will match my mood at the moment. In food, as in cars, I rarely trade down. The fries are the suggested add on to a seemingly perfect request in a restaurant. You already ordered your food, but wait! , there is more, like sides and desserts.

I encourage you to not wait for someone to suggest it, be ahead and add to your already seemingly perfect request for anything your heart desires: job, relationships, vacations. Ask for it, dream it and you will get it!

Are you afraid to ask for what you really, truly want? Or do you put limitations on what you think you can get out of life?

The question is not: what do I think is available, available to me or reasonable? The only relevant question is: what do you want? What’s your heart most profound desire? Not sure? You’ll know it when you see it? That doesn’t work in my experience. Dream it first and you’ll recognize it when it comes to you.

This is not a post about my shopping skills or bragging about my latest purchase. This is yet another example of a method that I have successfully applied for years in order to build the life I dream of. It’s very simple, although it requires focus and dedication, and it’s available to all. Just ask! Contact me to book a consultation and get on the path to match what your heart desires, not what your self limiting beliefs are telling you.

So did I order fries with my BMW? Well I’m so glad you asked. I got a sunroof too, thank you!