My logo comes with a story, want to hear it?

The tree has roots and branches. The roots represent the values and principles, digging deep in the earth to provide the strength to grow strong. The luscious branches stretch to the sky to remind you to dream big.

The branches curve in a heart shape, which represents love and courage. Love of self, and others, is the root of all connection. Connecting is our basic human foundation and raison d’etre. The heart is our true self and the leader to our most fantastic achievements.

The butterfly represents beauty in transformation. One must fight its way out of the cocoon to become the strongest and best version of oneself. The color is blue which represents hope and faith.
There are 5 butterflies as I was born the 5th month of the year.

The font is French Script in honor of my origins.

Where we come from is part of who we are, it doesn’t define our future though. I believe our choices alone will create our circumstances. This logo, as my life, is a combination of all.

What’s your story?


Photo by Austin photographer, Matthew Lemke

Photo by Austin headshots photographer Matthew Lemke,, Austin corporate headshots, Austin professional headshots