I’ve made a lot of changes this year: a tango career, amazing friends, an upcoming divorce, moving to the north side, and a LOT of personal growth. I also updated and affirmed my sexual orientation. Each decision and affirmation was made catering to my authentic self, some decisions were easy, others were really hard. My updated sexual preference was an opportunity for reflection, not because I was concerned about what people would say, but more so because of what I wanted to say.

I’m a very private person, I rank really high on the introvert scale and I only share certain information with individuals that have earned the right to receive it. I’m french, we’re all about sex and food! Would I need to clarify my preferences in cheese or wine? Not really. Why clarify how I engage sexually then? I approach that part of my life the same way I do everything else: if it feels good, and doesn’t hurt anyone, I do it!
I don’t feel any different, I’m not struggling with the idea, I’m not concerned about what anybody may say or do, therefor I didn’t have any motivation about “coming out”, especially considering I never felt “closed in” to begin with. There was nothing for me to say on the matter unless it was relevant at a specific moment and in a specific conversation. I didn’t hide it, I didn’t advertise it either.

I changed my mind yesterday because I believe that strength is in the numbers. That very power is exponential too. I also believe that people’s discomfort, dislikes or hate are mostly based in disconnect and lack of exposure. In that regard, it does matter to me to speak up, to be visible and to add myself to a Queer community that is growing, with no sign of slowing down, especially not now.
My goal is for the part of the population that is still disconnected from the Queer community to appreciate our presence and to slowly get used to it, to eventually embrace it.

Whatever brings you joy, do that!

Reach for the greatest version of yourself!


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