Extensive Knowledge

“Paola is an exceptional individual who is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge of essential oils and their benefits. Folks really need to reach out to her and find out for themselves about the benefits of essential oils”
-Jeff A.

Harmony in my Life

“I am very grateful to have Paola as my Wellness/empowerment coach. I’m always amazed at how much I benefit from our sessions. She is sincere, insightful, and knowledgeable. She gives me a fresh unbiased perspective on many different facets of my life. Since I have been working with Paola I’ve had more harmony in my life, that is very important to me. Paola is an exceptional coach and professional. I would highly recommend her to friends, family and clients.”
-Lauren Minner

Relax at the End of a Long Day

“I’m grateful to Paola Aguillon for introducing me to her Young Living Essential Oils products.  Sharing my living space with a large dog, it is refreshing to be able to have my diffuser going with a fresh lemon scent. I’m not a big scent person, but the lemon is perfect for me with its fresh clean light aroma, especially since I have to battle the effects of my dog in my home. It’s nice to set it when I get home and benefit from its aroma as I relax at the end of a long day.”
-Peter D.

Solutions for Health and Wellness

“Paola’s knowledge with Young Living Essential Oils has helped me find solutions for health and wellness for me and my family. Using the diffuser with lemon essential oil is a refreshing scent and nice addition for my open houses for sale. She is very kind and a great listener!  Thank you Paola for your dedication to help make a positive change for your customers!”
-Barb S.

Breathe Better

“Paola is amazing and she definitely knows what she is doing. Just from sitting with her and discussing what she does, I not only learned a lot but she also helped me with my current problem.” “With one of her essential oils I was able to walk away from her able to breathe better. Life saver and so very Kind. Thank you Paola!”

-Myaj S.


Never Too Old

“I am a ‘newbie’ when it comes to using  essential oils in my daily life.  I had only ever experienced them in spa treatments in the past (which was a wonderful treat!); but realized with Paola’s help that I could ‘treat’ myself regularly and reap the health benefits as well.  Paola is kind and listens carefully to my responses to her questions,  then helps me to develop a regimen that works for me personally.  She is also very customer oriented when it comes to situations that need a rapid response.
Thanks Paola for teaching me something new – after all these years!!  “Never too old…” as they say.“

-Joanne B.