Wellness is about navigating all parts on your life harmoniously. Some of those parts are fitness and community. Everybody’s different and I invite you to explore your favorite way to embrace movement and possibly do it with others for support and connection.

For me, it’s dancing. I’ve always been a dancer and always will be. Some things are just part of your DNA. I embraced ballet, jazz and folklorico in the first part of my life. I experimented with Argentine tango circa 2006 and came back to it in 2015. Rededicating time to that dance was one of the best decisions of my life, bar none. What started as a fun fitness routine is now a source of exquisite connections and  a stimulating business venture with my partner, Stephen Shortnacy.



Photo credit: Mike Holp

Tango has become more than a dance or a hobby, it’s an intricate part of my life that I have been able to embrace, in my forties, thanks to my principles as a wellness consultant.

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