+IMG_2437It is a blessing to fall in love with something you can do for the rest of your life. I do feel blessed to have found Argentine Tango and the wonderful teachers that led me to live my dreams.

Argentine Tango is the dance of connection. I relish in guiding my students to create balanced partnership in the dance, to embrace their individuality all the while supporting their partner’s expression. How wonderful it is to create one song at a time, with one partner at a time, something fleeting and eternal at the same time. The song eventually ends, but our love for tango does not.

+IMG_2384Would you like to join me on that journey?

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Are you ready to dance? You can choose what fits you best.

Weekly classes are available in Austin.

Do you prefer to embrace Tango fully? I’m offering a very special opportunity for the right candidate to really dive into the world of Argentine tango.

A tango immersion is not for everybody. It requires intention, time and dedication. That being said, if you are as much in love with tango as I am, I can prepare you to have the time of your life.

Each package is customized to fit candidate’s needs and time availability. It will include:

  • private lessons
  • shoe shopping consultation
  • practica excursions
  • Milonga introduction
  • social introduction
  • social etiquette lessons

Do you think this is for you? Contact me today to request an application.

I can’t wait for you to experience the connection and elegance of Argentine Tango!

“Paola is an excellent dance instructor as she is very skillful and patient in teaching at all levels. I really appreciate how she listens carefully and takes her time to explain and demonstrate the movements in details, which is extremely helpful for a beginner like myself. I highly recommend her! “- A.L.


“I had my first Argentine tango lesson today with this graceful woman,  Paola Aguillon. Erik and I met her for a private lesson, and we left feeling like we could really learn this deeply connective dance, under her instruction. Today was mostly basics, but Paola is such a strong teacher that I already have a really good understanding of the true heart of tango. We’re hoping to dedicate some time in the new year to take private lessons from this talented and passionate woman who can teach both the “initiator” and the “allower” roles. Stoked to add more beauty to my life through dance! –Michelle H.