Going at it alone?

One of the greatest act of courage in my opinion is not to find the strength to do it all, being independent or self sufficient. One of the greatest act of courage is to ask for help.Being courageous to me is knowing oneself, our strength and limitations, while finding the collaborators to bridge the gap to get to where we want to be.

Nothing in our world is self sufficient, everything is connecting and interacting with many other organisms and modalities. The cycle of life of plants are a perfect undeniable example: they need water and sunshine, and then birds and bees to populate. It’s team work.

How wonderful would it be to let ourselves go to the undeniable fact that we need others to survive, to grow, to complete our destiny, to fully live our story. We need many mirrors in our lives to reflect who we are, who we deny ourselves to be. On many occasions, we deny our heart to beat at its own rhythm, we deny the very fiber of our being to unravel into our authentic self. We tame our wildest dreams for fear to be ridiculed or end up alone.

I could blame our culture for it, I really think it’s just part of the human condition. We are gifted with free will and with so many opportunities, by our very nature, that the torture of becoming is the source of the most joy.

Some of us torture ourselves more than others. Some of us just go dormant and miss the show all together.

I always say: the heart never lies. Your head will tell you stories, your ego will distract you, but your heart will never lie to you. We don’t always want to listen, that’s all.

The word courage comes from the french word “coeur” which means “heart”. I invite you to listen to your heart as much as you can. That is the way, that is the only way to live your authentic story. Many people will come along the way to help you listen to your heart, to help your heart beat stronger and faster. We don’t go at it alone, and the story is not over until the last heartbeat.

Be courageous Darlings, for this is in you, it is your nature, it is yours to be and have.

Reach for the greatest version of yourself.



Are you playing broke on your way to your purpose?

I had the most profound experience this morning at my favorite networking group: the Metropolitan Breakfast Club. We had the privilege to enjoy a very emotional and inspiring presentation by Leslie Hyland Rodgers, founder and executive director for her non-profit, Symphony of Soul.

Leslie is an experienced, very talented singer and actress, who started her non-profit after her mother became sick, realizing that her gift could serve others in a very powerful and meaningful way. She offers music to industries and facilities to comfort and entertain. From hospitals to care centers, people respond to music in a positive, profound way, and their attitude is transformed. What a gift!

She shared that, for years, she struggled as an artist. She did the “service” day jobs to sustain her passion in the arts. She was broke and never really enjoyed her day jobs. Only as she went through her mother’s cancer with her did she realized that her passion could be of service at a greater level. Music became the tool to her purpose, her gift was the way to a whole new vision.

Last week I had a Rainbow Ribbon cutting ceremony with my tango partner as Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of commerce members. That was such a fun experience and part of our vision to connect with the Queer community and collaborate with like minded individuals. To me, dance is the tool that helps me connect with others. Tango is fun, sexy and carries a lot of history. I love the elegance of the dance, its versatility and adaptability to various music genres. My purpose is to have fun with it, of course. I do want to use something I’m good at, that brings me joy, to connect with others. I believe that connection is the first and utmost purpose in life as human beings. Our talents and skills, used wisely, are our tools to connect. What are you good at that brings you joy? Use that!

I loved that Leslie mentioned that shift in her career and the creation of her non-profit. Her broke years and day jobs were her education and training that led her to create her non-profit and have a fantastic tool, music, to carry her vision through.

Whatever you’re going through right now, I invite you to consider if it serves your passion or your vision. Are you learning, are you educating yourself, are you surrounding yourself with inspiring individuals? Would you sit with yourself and make a list of your activities and social time, and make sure it serves your true self? If you feel any tension or anxiety in your body reading those questions, you may want to make that list even sooner than later. If what you read makes complete sense to you then I request you to share it with someone that may need it. If you’re unsure, call me 🙂

Connect with someone new today! Use your gift!