It is of the utmost importance to me that you enjoy every step of the journey becoming a tango dancer. Like in any other field of instruction, there are various styles available and I want to make sure my teaching will be a good fit for you. Contact me for a personal assessment and for the best plan to reach your goals.

When we’re ready to move forward, you’ll have the choice between 3 plans:

-Maintenance Lessons: $65 for one hour once a month

-Ongoing Education: $300 for 5 one hour lessons over 6 weeks

-Intense Beginner Immersion: $500 for 10 one hour lessons over 8 weeks

Everybody is different and we each have personal goals. Contact me for a customized plan if the ones above do not meet your needs.

A safe environment facilitates education and fun. Every student and event guest is required to familiarize themselves with my Code of Conduct.