The policies below aim at offering transparency and structure to gain a full understanding of the tango teaching environment. It is my top priority for students to make the most of their time, in the most enjoyable way. We increase our chances of success by being best prepared. I’m always here for you to answer any question.

Personal Hygiene

Argentine tango specifically offers close physical proximity between dancers. Personal hygiene is a must in offering a respectful and enjoyable experience to one another.

All students are expected to embrace precise bathing expectations as well as wearing freshly clean clothing. Understanding of said expectations may vary from one person to another. The teacher is always available to answer questions.

Students that offer a body odor or wear clothing that disrupt the flow of teaching and/or learning for others may be requested to leave without refund.


It is important to have the proper footwear for comfort as well as safety. Footwear can be an investment that not everyone is ready to make, which is understandable. In doubt, socks are always allowed in class.

Socks will be provided if any current footwear is considered a challenge for the dancer or others.


All payments are made in advance in cash, venmo or paypal to the amount agreed upon between the teacher and the student.

Any infraction to the code of conduct or items mentioned above will be grounds for expulsion, with or without refund, at the discretion of the teacher. Packages may be partially refunded.

Tardiness and Cancellations

Sometimes life, or traffic, gets in the way. That’s why it’s important to communicate with one another and respect each other’s time.

For private lessons, Students are expected to communicate any change of schedule 24 hours in advance for a reschedule. Any class cancelled less than 24 hours before schedule will be charged in full.

Tardiness will be waived up to 15 minutes if communicated in advance. Any arrival later than 15 minutes without communication will result in the cancellation of the class without refund.