I record these free podcasts every week. I share proven methods, system and favorite products to help you build a natural lifestyle and reach for the greatest version of yourself.


Gratitude and Apologies: https://fccdl.in/kxQphHLd2

Showing Up versus Showing Up For Others: https://fccdl.in/AcQZS2Jqj

The Silver Lining: https://fccdl.in/sYaJ0xdov

Awareness and competency: https://fccdl.in/OD8XIzYJu

Where’s your Power and Let It Be: https://fccdl.in/h1SHR3YTp

Why I’m not a coach:https://fccdl.in/Ua7m1dAfv

For the lucky ones: https://fccdl.in/lNFV4r8nK

Forget Hope! Got Faith? : https://fccdl.in/pwMY2AWdP

A case of the Happy Monday: http://eepurl.com/S_a99

Introduction to essential oils: http://fccdl.in/7ShjbyeRD

Essential oils in the summer/Sharing Young Living:http://fccdl.in/5tYg0nmZ3

DIY personal care tips and FDA compliance: http://fccdl.in/uVDKlg70U

Seed to Seal: http://fccdl.in/F2BHe4RaZ

Is Network Marketing a good fit for you?: http://fccdl.in/sBghpTr5q

The importance of community: http://fccdl.in/MQq9tze8Y

Essential oils and emotions: http://fccdl.in/2b1Qev6Fj

Path to discovering essential oils: http://fccdl.in/fKze5ZTwa

New products revealed at Young Living Convention: http://fccdl.in/LzT2nMrtk

To ingest or not ingest essential oils: http://fccdl.in/T2O14DqUY

Boost your immune system with essential oils: http://fccdl.in/Gz7UvVcsq

Why speak up? http://fccdl.in/AmDKXfSjI

How to connect: The 7 basic needs: http://fccdl.in/UMIf04aLD

Be an owner, not a beggar: http://fccdl.in/gifhukOR7