The more you know, the more likely you are to get what you want. I can bring you the solutions to so many of the  everyday troubles.

Not ready to book a consultation with me? You can start with some of the tools below and learn more about how we could work together.

21 Day Challenge – Acts of Kindness

Some research says that you need 21 days to incorporate a new habit. That may be all you need to shift your life around and start becoming more successful. Click here if you’d like to take the Acts of Kindness challenge. It can bring you more joy, awareness and connection with others

21 Day Challenge – Awareness

This challenge is specifically designed for individuals that are ready to make a lasting change in a significant way in their life. We will go through 21 days of observation, noticing and keeping track of findings, becoming more aware of our environment. Click here if you’re ready to better your life and start today!

21 Day Challenge – Gratitude for the people in our life

This challenge is designed to shift our focus on one of the most important resource in our environment: Others. It’s very easy to take individuals for granted or to be harder on them than we need to. For the next 21 days, I invite you for focus on gratitude, what is wonderful and precious about the relationships in your life. You can tag a friend a day on Facebook, write about a certain person each day in your journal, or write a letter to that very person expressing your gratitude. 21 days is all it takes to develop a new habit, that might shift your entire life so that you never feel lonely again 🙂

Essential oils

Essential oils have come back into fashion in the past years, and with it, a lot of misinformation. Sign up HERE to receive my free 13 days course.