I love to organize and therefore love helping individuals in that department as well. Knowing what to do, which is what I share during my consultations, is important! Knowing what to do it with is extremely relevant too. You can go to the Shop page where I share my favorite products.

I can also come to your house or office, and help you get rid of what doesn’t serve you: chemicals, junk food and parabens-filled personal care products are not necessary! Sometimes, what we think helps us is really just smart marketing that’s still hurting us. Other times, the best intentions are still trumped by the gargantuan work of going over so many products in our spaces. That’s when I come in. I’ll do the sorting for you! I’ve spent years reading labels to figure out how to build a natural lifestyle. What’s in your fridge and your cabinets can keep you from embracing the most vibrant version of yourself, I know that by experience!

As mentioned above, I don’t believe in changing more than one thing at once, intellectually. I do believe in material makeovers though.

This service is done in person, therefore limited to the Austin, Texas, area. Contact me for special packages or for my availability while I’m traveling. The Makeovers are $150 per hour, one hour minimum. Additional travel may involve extra charges. I will call you prior to the appointment to evaluate your needs. I will provide you with a list of items that are of concern to me and what to replace them with. It is very important to me that my clients empower themselves with making the decisions. I want you to keep making productive decisions even when I’m not around. I want individuals to know that they are in control at all times. I’m just here to empower you🙂

Contact me to schedule a time to chat and how you can transform your space into a natural haven