I made a terrible mistake!

I saw a bug crawling out of the A/C closet yesterday morning. The corridor was dark, the bug was about one inch wide, dark and moving fast, I figured “cockroach!”

I was wearing my sleepers and without a second of hesitation, I crunched it. I walked away to put my glasses on and grab a paper towel to clean up the mini soggy mess I had made. I turned on the light still full of my sentiment of satisfaction for ridding my sacred space of that disgusting thing.

Now, with the light on, glasses on and looking at the object of my reaction up close, I realized, to my horror, that I had killed a spider, not a cockroach.

I like spiders, practically and spiritually, they are my friends. They eat bugs in the house, they hold the feminine power, they are weavers and creators. I wouldn’t kill a spider, that goes against my values. But I did, kill, a spider.

The question is, how often do we react to things because we think we know what’s happening? We assume, we misevaluate, and we can’t see objectively what’s right in front of us.

My fear of cockroaches in the house led me to kill a spider. My intention and the outcome didn’t match because of my reaction and chances are, it will happen again. Because humanity.

We’re not perfect, we make mistakes in spite of our best intentions. We have the opportunity to look at our intentions and celebrate them. We can look at our imperfections and forgive ourselves. We can also celebrate others intentions and forgive their imperfections. We all want to be loved, we all want to feel connected, we’re all doing the best we can.

How about forgiving someone, or yourself, today?
Free yourself and embrace humanity.


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