I am excited to be guest blogging today for Paola, such an inspirational friend. We have collaborated over quite a few things and it is always fun to keep on collaborating. So thank you Paola for inviting me over to your blog.

One thing I am very passionate about is cooking and creating with natural things. and I know Paola is passionate about her essential oils. So today I am going to be mixing those two things together.

The beauty of essential oils is that you use such a small amount and the effect is stunning. Using them in recipes allows you to keep the consistency you want and still power pack the fragrance. We have been doing a YouTube series of recipes, so do check out each of our YouTube channels.

Below is that time we had so much fun making raspberry and lemon ice cream

Watch Now

neonbrand-263851Does you home have a certain fragrance? if you were wearing a blindfold and you were taken into your home, or handed newly washed clothes- could you tell they are part of your house? I think we can. The home is a complex feeling – if you think about holidays, we are always excited about going on them, but there is a  special something to coming home. Essential oils play a big part in our house. They are used to calm down excited children, as flavors in food, fragrances in play dough, for the dogs, the cleaning. there are so many ways that they help all the family. and family is what it is about.

andrew-branch-106877We all have a family– they do not need to be the biological ones, but those we care for, interact with, turn to in times of need or share our jubilation with. Creating that bond is not just physical it is using all the senses. Food plays a big part in that as pretty much ever occasion has food at the center of it, birthdays, holidays, graduation, illness, funerals and weddings. So many memories being created when we gather – and then we eat, while we chat and catch up. That is what home and family is all about.


timothy-buck-309898Fragrance is also a huge memory stirrer – it might be the smell of air outside your home’s windows, or in the kitchen, your mums hair when she cuddled you or the dog while it snuggled in when you were ill in bed. Smell is a trigger point for many memories – good and bad, so surrounding yourself with positive fragrances, has a positive impact on your health, well being and mood. Taking control in  positive way to how your clothes, home, car etc smell will be a step towards a better balanced lifestyle.

I look forward to seeing you over on my blog as well –  where you can check out my recipes and ideas to engage the whole family in the kitchen.

Tamzin Cochrane


  Tamzin Cochrane



About Tamzin

Food activist and childhood nutrition advocate Tamzin Cochrane helps the busiest of people to cook up something healthy and delicious, even after a long day. She also helps companies and schools educate around—and create a culture and environment that truly supports—healthy eating.

Decades in the food service and hospitality industry have given Tamzin a well-rounded perspective on mealtime. She is passionate about bringing back the lost art of families and friends cooking together, and she loves seeing people enjoy the amazing tastes and textures of their communal effort.

She shares this message through virtual coaching and video courses, by speaking at corporations, schools, and events, and through her recently-released video courses, Kitchen Basics. Tamzin was born in England, grew up in Scotland, and now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband (who incidentally, is Scottish but grew up in England) and their children.

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