I feel so much gratitude today for all the amazing individuals I have in my life. I also feel sad for the people I talk to that have very few, or no, close relationships in their life as it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of my core belief is to nurture relationships, of any kind, from significant romantic connection to the young man at the cash register of the gas station in the middle of nowhere you’ll never visit again.

There is a productive way to build a network of individuals that will enrich your life versus having no one to talk to: showing up.

Showing up means being present and offering the best version of yourself at that time. It’s being authentic and vulnerable in the interaction while expecting nothing in return. You’ve checked out your troubles at the door and you are giving the best version of yourself for people to appreciate you at that very moment. Sometimes the best version of yourself is a tired grumpy 5 years old. It’s alright, perfection is not the goal, doing our best is the point. We just need to be aware and maybe apologize if needed. You’re showing up, that’s what’s important.

The most productive and profound way to interact with others, in my opinion, is to show up for somebody else. We have the opportunity to shift from being present and authentic to being in a giving and connecting mode. Showing up for somebody else is tuning in to their needs, their vulnerability and being completely open to what that may be. It’s being there for that person in spite of what’s going on with you. It can be hard, it’s also one of the most rewarding experience I know. I feel that showing up for others makes us part of a greater system than just our life. By showing up for others we function in a giving, allowing and powerful way. We’re no longer just present and accepting, this is no longer about ourselves being in that space, it’s about the collaborative effort to engage and alter the dynamics in a positive way. By showing up for others we become part of the greater picture, we’re cocreating the experience and our life becomes a magic show. We’re not just witnessing others, we’re part of their experience. Showing up for others is the greatest form of connection. Life is about interacting and connecting.

Showing up for others can be very difficult as we have to set aside our ego and personal needs. It’s also the most meaningful experience in life!

I’m grateful for the people in my life because I found the strength to show up for them and they show up for me. You can design your life and the people in it, I wish for you to appreciate that.

Reach for the greatest version of yourself!



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