I’m a silver lining kind of girl. I do believe to my core that there is good in everything, even if it doesn’t appear that way at first.

I woke up this morning to several Facebook messages from my family in France offering anywhere from boarding to support and understanding. Therefore, in my morning grogginess,  I reacted as a french person to the presidential result: this should be interesting, we can always have some demonstrations or a small revolution.

As I woke up and spoke with some wise individuals, I got more in touch with my natural silver lining default setting: this will shake things up and bring more awareness in areas that need it most. We have the choice to get busy, really involved and change the face of the political scene as we know it if that’s what we want.

I’m happy for the individuals that received the result they were looking for, we are all entitled to happiness.

For those that didn’t get what they wanted, they have the opportunity to do something about it. Complaining for the next 4 years about what didn’t get done, who lied, who broke the law, doesn’t accomplish anything.

I feel for those that are so disappointed about the system that they did nothing at all. What would it take for them to take action? What would be the inspiration, the motivation to want to be involved and believe in a system that one feels alienated from?

Whatever happened is a source for action, it is a celebration for some, it’s back to the drawing board for others.

What can we learn from the past year so that we can have the best version of the country we desire and are proud of? A nation where people work together, not against each other.

I invite you to get past the frustration and disappointment and seek understanding. What is happening right now in the country that leads to the result we have today? Where is the disconnect? Anger and anxiety are the result of fear from perceived threat. The word here is “perceived”. What are we telling ourselves?

I truly believe that choosing understanding and compassion is the answer to be able to work as a united nation again. Our attitude, as individuals, will define the next 4 years. We have a choice.

Reach for the greatest version of yourself!




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