At the risk of disappointing from the start, this post will not be about ordering fast food at a luxury drive through or winning a German car at a burger joint. It’s about self applied limiting belief, and my new car has a play in it.

I was in a car accident at the beginning of July this year. Like everything I do, the timing was perfect! I had just picked up my Gaby (I give names to my cars) from my longtime mechanic that morning. I was on my way to the dance studio where I teach with my partner, when the pizza guy happened to ram into my front wheel as I was turning into the shopping center. What’s perfect about that scenario? I was going 2 miles an hour, so I didn’t get hurt, and my partner arrived on the scene a few minutes later, so I was taken care off and had a ride back home.

My Gaby, a 2001 325I black BMW was totaled.

I needed a new car, stat! And I was on a budget. And I only drive BMW! I drive that brand due to the fact that I have certain standards, I like to feel safe in a car and I have the best mechanics in town. There are some things I encourage you to not trade down, what ever it is, for me, it’s my cars.

I started shopping around and quickly found very few vehicles that fit my present desire: 2005-2007, 3 series, silver, 2 doors, manual, decent mileage, $8000. Are you chuckling, laughing or rolling your eyes yet? Understandably so. Impossible to find right? Guess what? I found her! My 325CI, Sterling (named after the adjective) with grey leather interior, under 80000 miles and $600 under budget. She’s a beauty!

So what’s with the fries? I look at life like a restaurant, it’s the french in me. I get to the place hungry enough to be inspired, I look at the entire menu, I ask questions and order exactly what will match my mood at the moment. In food, as in cars, I rarely trade down. The fries are the suggested add on to a seemingly perfect request in a restaurant. You already ordered your food, but wait! , there is more, like sides and desserts.

I encourage you to not wait for someone to suggest it, be ahead and add to your already seemingly perfect request for anything your heart desires: job, relationships, vacations. Ask for it, dream it and you will get it!

Are you afraid to ask for what you really, truly want? Or do you put limitations on what you think you can get out of life?

The question is not: what do I think is available, available to me or reasonable? The only relevant question is: what do you want? What’s your heart most profound desire? Not sure? You’ll know it when you see it? That doesn’t work in my experience. Dream it first and you’ll recognize it when it comes to you.

This is not a post about my shopping skills or bragging about my latest purchase. This is yet another example of a method that I have successfully applied for years in order to build the life I dream of. It’s very simple, although it requires focus and dedication, and it’s available to all. Just ask! Contact me to book a consultation and get on the path to match what your heart desires, not what your self limiting beliefs are telling you.

So did I order fries with my BMW? Well I’m so glad you asked. I got a sunroof too, thank you!


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